“I had seven hours working and I didn’t even have half of what I had to do daily to say it was a good day, but when it was about eight, a man from Spain paid me for a private meeting. I didn’t have to remove a single item of clothing, I just wanted us to talk. For a 40-minute talk, she paid me 1,000 tokens – virtual currency of the webcam pages -, around 100 dollars, “says Paulina *, a webcam model for five months.

The webcam modeling ‘industry’ in the country has given no small amount of talk. Many see it as a degrading job, while others see it as a profitable alternative that helps thousands of women achieve financial independence.

And although it is an activity that a few years ago began to have a new look, this market has been in Colombia for more than two decades, which ranks as the second-largest supplier of models in the world. The country occupies 33 percent of the market; the first is Romania.

“17 years ago, Colombia only had 1,000 to 2,000 women in this market. Today there may be more than 40,000, which can produce more than 200 million dollars a year ”, Juan Bustos, a model advisor, tells EL TIEMPO.